Spread Love, Unity & Wisdom with Modern Kwanzaa Cards

Spread love, unity and wisdom to family and friends this holiday season with cards from our contemporary Kwanzaa collection.

Modern Year-at-a-Glance Calendars for 2022

In this period of calendar apps on every phone, wall calendars are finally free to embrace artistry.

New Geometries in Wallpaper

Modern peel and stick wallpaper– add color and pattern to accent walls, full rooms, the inner sides of closets and bookcases, stair-risers and even pocket doors.

5 Modern Wall Calendars for 2021

Here are 5 modern calendar designs to help you not only understand the year ahead, but express your modern design sensibilities as well.

Symbols, Icons & Patterns Take Center-Stage in Home Decor

The timelessness of this Modern Global style can be applied to every room in the home to create spaces that are contemporary, yet speak to traditions that we all share as a common human culture.

How To Warm Up A Minimalist Room

Warm colors and uncommon patterns add elements of surprise and modern global intrigue to minimalist interior spaces.

Apple Basket designed by AfriMod Studio
Stylish Storage Solutions

As rooms do double and triple duty as flex-spaces, we need a storage solution that blends into any decor while remaining functional: modern storage baskets.

Modern Redesign of Adinkra Ideographic Symbols

Reinterpretation of Adinkra symbols with an emphasis on the interaction of linear elements and positive and negative space.

The Versatile Entertainer: African Flat Baskets

Create high-impact with simple objects… dress up your walls or tabletop with natural fiber woven plates––equally at home vertically or horizontally.

The ManCrib – A Private Nook for Open Plan Spaces

Small Space, Big Style: traditional West African sleeping mats as room dividers create a distinct, comfortable private nook in an open plan space.

Silence of Adobe

Exploring the poetic nature of traditional African adobe architecture.

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