Modern Redesign of Adinkra Ideographic Symbols

Adinkra symbols are ideographic African symbols that condense complex life concepts into powerful singular symbols. AfriMod design inspirations were derived directly from the concepts embodied in Akan traditional concepts and social symbolisms.

Nkyinkyim:  adaptation and dynamism

In this project, AfriMod team paid particular attention to how ancient Akan traditions employed linear elements as storytelling tools in rendering each of the original symbols. As such, our reinterpretation and redesign objectives focused primarily on capturing the essence of fluidity in Akan renderings of curves and lines, and their use of contrasts between positive and negative components to depict traditional concepts.

With each symbol, we focused on creating free-flowing, effortless curves and dynamic uninterrupted lines in a fashion reminiscent of the effortless flow of organic materials in nature. Each line was purposely rendered to represent a particular aspect of the intended message in a concise and unambiguous manner.

Dwennimmen: Adinkra symbol for strength…  and the human capacity to be courageous.
Design inspiration is derived directly from the concept of revisiting the past to extract knowledge and wisdom to remake the future.

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