Symbols, Icons & Patterns Take Center-Stage in Home Decor

Airy living room adorned with throw pillows and graphic print inspired by African patterns, icons and motifs.

Life as we know it has certainly changed in 2020, and the pandemic has accelerated new trends in how we live and work. Those who can, are increasingly working remotely and experiencing the need for well-designed spaces… highlighting our need for environments that are nurturing, inspiring and motivating.

At AfriMod, we use colors, shapes, textures, icons, patterns and symbols to design and produce home and lifestyle products that are evocative and bold. The timelessness of this Modern Global style can be applied to every room in the home to create spaces that are contemporary, yet speak to traditions that we all share as a common human culture.

The post-covid home is no longer a space solely for family meals and leisure… it is now multiple flex-spaces for full-time work, all-day schooling, wellness and exercise, as well as for new adventures in gardening, baking, and more. We want our home spaces to not only be beautiful, but also to enhance the desired moods and use of each room.

Guest room featuring a mustard throw pillow, Fulani-inspired bed throw and contemporary surrealist art print
Sophisticated style with a Baule-inspired modern minimalist black and white shower curtain.
Fulani-inspired colorful stripes and triangular patterns keep this black shower curtain warm and playful.

Bold pillows add new comfort and design spice to revamp current chairs and sofas. A woven cotton blanket thrown across a chair softens and adds comfort to a home office. A glimpse of an art or graphic print through the window in a Zoom call tells a lot about your personality and subtly communicates your values. Unfurl a yoga mat with a bold design and immediately redefine the space as a place of wellness and energy.

A special space for self-care warmed up with Mustard Cowrie Print Yoga Mat, colorful art prints and dazzling navy and orange Maze Yoga Leggings.

We believe that good design is timeless and that it transcends cultures and borders… We also believe that the objective of design is to give people the tools to create environments that improve their lifestyle. At AfriMod, design is an inclusive process, telling stories of human experiences and traditions… and in doing so, preserves heritage and nurtures humanity.

Bold Kuba Cloth-inspired Yoga Mat and a pair of inspirational graphic prints featuring redesigned Adinkra ideographic symbols add focal points to this wellness space.
Stationery and notebooks feature icons, patterns, motifs and ideographic symbols.
Adinkra-inspired notecards, featuring redesigned ideographic symbols, icons, and motifs.
In celebration of 2021 (MMXXI): notebooks with affirmations for the new year– “I AM”, “I WILL”, “I AM READY”.
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