5 Modern Wall Calendars for 2021

As we usher in a new normal in 2021, keeping organized is more important than ever before. Whether at home or the office, the aesthetic needs of the home office has expanded exponentially. With the pandemic, the home office became a flex-place where function and art meet. And what better for a mix of art and organization, than a calendar that seamlessly combines art and functionality?

Below are 5 modern calendar designs to help you plan the year ahead, and also express your modern design sensibilities.

Catch the whole year at a glance with the New Rays calendar design. The striking design creates an art piece for the wall, while also creatively displaying all the dates of the year. Available in two color combinations.

Pull back, with subtlety and complexity with this numerically based monthly calendar. Minimalist and colorful in layout, the outlined numbers create a textured pattern that adds sophistication to any room.

Shift gears with this bold, vertically-based year at a glance calendar. Its modern design works as a graphic element, while the clean typographic treatment keeps it functional.

Travel back in time to the roots of the Gregorian calendar of today. With nods to Greek and Roman roots, this modern calendar features astrological representations of each weekday. The week starts on moon’s day (Monday) and ends on the sun’s day (Sunday).

Finally, a rainbow spectrum separates each month in this typographically focused year at a glance calendar. The graphic texture of the numerals creates visual interest while still retaining a modern, minimalist feel.

Also, view our 2021 journals that re-imagine Roman numerals of 2021 (MMXXI) as calls to action: MMXX-I-AM, MMXX-I-WILL, MMXX-I-AM-READY.

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