Modern Year-at-a-Glance Calendars for 2022

As always, the new year brings possibilities for change… new perspectives, new opportunities, new ideas, etc. In this period of calendar apps on every phone, wall calendars are finally free to embrace artistry. We can now all add flair to our home offices, studio spaces, and creative workspaces with these designer 2022 year-at-a-glance calendars.

Helvetica 365

This clean and simple calendar design lists all 365 days of 2022 in bold, black Helvetica across a field of colors… Each month is defined by a hue of the rainbow spectrum. And, each day of the week is highlighted with a light script treatment floats across each numeral. Available in two sizes.

Square One (Daylight)

In this Square One calendar design, the year is divided into a 16 square grid… Months are arranged in a colorful clockwise orientation around the central element “2022”. View the minimalist version next.

Square One (Blood Moon)

A minimalist remix of the Square One design in shades of grey with brick-red highlights.

Vertical Limit (Moon + Sun)

Our 2022 remix of our Vertical Limit calendars feature a choice of cool or warm color palettes. In this modern design, days flow vertically, while weekends are highlighted by horizontal bars. This treatment works to create a clean typographic treatment that is both decorative and functional.

Strata 365

This large 24×36 inch horizontal year-at-a-glance calendar provides space for daily notations. Colorful outlines define the numerals creating a visually light-weight, functional and colorful calendar.

New Rays (Sun + Moon)

Our 2022 remix of our popular New Rays design. This striking semi-circular calendar design is an art piece for the wall while creatively displaying all the dates of the year. Available in two color combinations, sun & moon.

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