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Apple Basket designed by AfriMod Studio

Going into 2021, most of us will be spending more time in our homes than ever before… working, excising, gardening, educating, etc. With all these activities, come the need for multiple storage solutions. We need storage for children’s toys, sheets and bedding, towels, etc. And as our rooms do double and triple duty as flex-spaces, we need storage solutions that blend easily into any decor while remaining functional.

The simple basket, as opposed to wood or metal storage, remains the best solution for storage purposes––easy to move, safe for kids to play around, and ideal hiding place for all the mess when we need to make those zoom calls. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find functional storage baskets that also fit seamlessly into modern aesthetics.

The deep, dark chocolate color of these baskets help to emphasize their unique modern contour. Truly a one-of-a-kind mix of modernist symmetry and simplicity blending with traditional accoutrements and flair.

These elegant storage solutions provide ample storage space in guest rooms, dens, bedrooms and playrooms. Keep everything organized and keep your space neat and spacious.

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