About AfriMod

AfriMod mission is to discover original, evocative and inspiring designs.

We believe in exceptional materials and superior craftsmanship. In our travels, we work to erase borders and foster collaborations between makers to create products that are rich with the influence of many cultures.

Our many travels to Africa enable us to build strong personal relationships with designers, artists and artisans. These interactions allow us to deepen relationships and to discover and produce handmade that would otherwise be inaccessible.

We are committed to good design ideas that contribute to elevating modern aesthetics. And we are equally committed to nurturing dignity, creating economic value and fostering progress.

The heartbeat of our business are the modern global nomads, the architects, designers, artists, craft-makers and individuals whose visions we share. We believe that creativity is limitless, that good design is transporting and that anything can be made better.

Our Brand
AfriMod is coined from the term “African Modern” … the concept of Africa in a twenty-first century where the past and the present are equally relevant and the primary objective is to innovate and produce content and products that speak to both. In this sense, African Modern is not a concept exclusive to African and Africa-in- the-Diaspora artists, designers and craft-makers. Rather, African Modern is a creative process that simply speaks – Africa Now.