About AfriMod

AfriMod is a lifestyle brand that caters to creative-minded individuals with a sense of adventure and a love of modern global living.

Our primary focus is a modern global world.
Our mission… Design, craft and source unique products that are unexpected, distinctive and evocative.

The company was founded by a father and daughter team, (Osita D. Juwah and Ada-Nkem Juwah) to share visions of 21st century modern global aesthetics. The heartbeat of our company is that vision we share with modern global citizens like you. And like you, we believe that creativity is limitless, that good design is transporting and that anything can be made better.

We believe in exceptional materials and superior craftsmanship. We are committed to good design ideas that contribute to elevating modern global aesthetics. And we are equally committed to nurturing dignity, creating economic value and fostering progress through sustainable development.

Our brand
AfriMod is coined from “African Modern” and our vision is that of a 21st century modern global aesthetic that is characterized by multiple cultural design narratives.

Our locations
Toronto, Canada  –  (design, marketing and sales, social media and PR)
Abuja, Nigeria  –  (design, production, sourcing, warehousing, shipping and logistics)