About Us

AfriMod is a marketplace for ​​unique, funky and artsy home & lifestyle products inspired by ancient and contemporary African forms, patterns, icons and motifs.

We offer a best-in-class array of home and lifestyle products such as, throw pillows, shower curtains, blankets, baskets, accent furniture, flooring, yoga gear, art prints, notebooks, greeting cards, etc.

Products on AfriMod are designed and crafted to make every room of yours… Yours in every way –– And your style… As unique as you are. Whether whimsical, colorful or minimalist, each item seems like it’s been created just for you.

We are passionate about living an inclusive, culturally expansive, environmentally conscious and intellectually inspiring lifestyle.

Why The Name AfriMod?

AfriMod is coined from the words, “African” and “Modern” ––a vision of a 21st century modern global aesthetic that is characterized by multiple cultural design narratives.

AfriMod Design Studio

From our design studio… and in close collaboration with various creative individuals, both seasoned and new, we craft products for modern global sensibilities.

Experience new horizons and new ideas inspired by ancient forms, patterns, icons, motifs and concepts.

AfriMod design process begins with the deconstruction and manipulation of selected precedent items to uncover aspects of their core essences. The resulting variables are then reinterpreted, reconfigured, reshaped and recomposed into multiple series of graphic elements that go to form the basis for new patterns and new designs. In turn, these new patterns and designs are re-scaled, assigned new color attributes, new placements, etc, to eventually result in unique modern products that are bold, comprehensible, and yet pay homage to their origin.

The Company

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AfriMod was founded to share visions of 21st century modern global aesthetics. The heartbeat of our company is that vision we share with modern global citizens like you. And like you, we believe that creativity is limitless, that good design is transporting and that anything can be made better.

The company was founded by an African-Canadian father-daughter team, Osita D. Juwah and Ada-Nkem (Ada) Juwah to explore new approaches to African-inspired design. Our guiding philosophy is founded on the values and principles of inclusiveness and we take our inspirations from the traditions and cultures of Africa and the world.

We believe in exceptional artistic creations and superior craftsmanship. We are committed to good design ideas that contribute to elevating modern global aesthetics – and we are equally committed to nurturing dignity, creating economic value and fostering progress through sustainable development.

Our Locations

Toronto, Canada and Abuja, Nigeria

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