About AfriMod

AfriMod is an online marketplace of authentic African handmade goods delivered directly to you.

AfriMod is a single dedicated eCommerce platform that,

  • Ensures fair-trade by allowing creative-makers to set their own prices and deal directly with global shoppers;
  • Enables direct maker involvement in the work of selling their items to global shoppers,
  • Provides hands-on management, training where required, and logistics support to makers and,
  • Encourages world-wide collaboration among makers.

Our Method

The AfriMod model empowers artists, designers and craft-makers with extensive support inputs (design, marketing, branding, logistics, etc). These educational and bundled inputs help makers understand and appreciate expectations of the international arts and interior décor market such that they can:

  • recognize artistic and decorative possibilities in some often over-looked traditional utility items;
  • pay additional attention to aesthetic details that are commonly overlooked in the crafting of these tradition-based utility items;
  • recognize possible reinterpretation and re-purposing of certain items for modern applications;
  • and with logistics support, navigate the “last mile” to successfully bring finished products to the global marketplace.

Our Brand

AfriMod is coined from the term “African Modern,” a concept of Africa in the twenty-first century, where the past and the present are equally relevant. The primary objective is to innovate and produce content and products that speak to both. In that sense, “African Modern” is not exclusive to African and Africa-in-the-Diaspora makers only, rather it is a creative method that can be applied by makers everywhere. It simply speaks, Africa Now.

Our Community

We are passionate about our Team (with backgrounds in Graphic Design, Architecture, Communication Arts, Marketing and Finance), our Makers (who develop products that take inspiration from Brand Africa) and our Shoppers (who love beautifully handcrafted home goods, fashion accessories, etc). Thank you for your friendship and support. Together we make a better world.