About AfriMod

AfriMod is African Modern: a marketplace for authentic handmade furniture, craft and art.

AfriMod seeks to ensure fair-trade between producers and consumers.

  • Producers (Makers) set their own prices and earn the full amount of each sale above our base commission;
  • AfriMod manages transactions and logistics support, handles customer services and provides producers (makers) with sales reporting;

Our Method

AfriMod model empowers artists, designers and craft-makers with extensive support inputs such as, design, marketing, branding, logistics, etc. With these inputs, makers don’t have to think about logistics or marketing while producing their products. AfriMod ensures that these producers are well represented and works with them to understand and appreciate the expectations of the international arts, design and interior décor market. This support helps producers (makers) to,

  • recognize the artistic and decorative potential of some often over-looked traditional items;
  • pay additional attention to aesthetic details;
  • reinterpret and re-purpose certain items for modern applications;
  • navigate the “last mile” and successfully bring finished products to the global marketplace.

Our Brand

AfriMod is coined from the term “African Modern,” a concept of Africa in a twenty-first century where the past and the present are equally relevant. And the primary objective is to innovate and produce content and products that speak to both. In that sense, “African Modern” is not a concept exclusive to African and Africa-in-the-Diaspora artists, designers or craft-makers; rather it is a creative process that can be utilized by makers everywhere. It simply speaks – “Africa Now”.

Our Community

We are passionate about our Team (with backgrounds in Graphic Design, Architecture, Communication Arts and Marketing); in  our Makers (Artists, Designers, Craft-makers), who develop products that take inspiration from Brand Africa and in our Shoppers who love authentic, beautifully handcrafted home goods, fashion accessories, etc. Thank you for your friendship and support. Together we make a better world.