The Versatile Entertainer: African Flat Baskets

Create high-impact with simple objects… dress up your walls or tabletop with natural fiber African flat baskets––equally at home vertically or horizontally.

Our fast-paced contemporary life requires that our décor and entertainment pieces do double or even triple duty. Natural fiber woven plates not only act as elegant and unique charger plates, they work just as well as centerpieces, fruit plates, place mats and wall art.

They exude a warm, modern natural style that blends seamlessly into any décor and their natural hand-crafted coil-weave add texture and interest to each piece. The variety and uniqueness of the pieces range from bold to complex patterns, playful designs to understated pieces.

Hang quickly and easily to the wall (a pin or very small nail will do the trick). Combine and mix then up to create a unique graphic, textured accent wall. Create a one-of-a-kind headboard and add interest in the bedroom.

Wall art is made easy––hang on walls to create warm, unfussy décor in the kitchen, dining room or breakfast nook. And, because they’re flat, you can hang them anywhere without worrying about them becoming spider traps!

DIY design packages:

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