AfriMod Design Studio

AfriMod works in close collaboration with artists, designers and makers (crafters) to explore new pathways to innovative interior furnishings and decorative ideas. Products on AfriMod take inspirations from the cultures and traditions of Africa and are crafted for a modern global aesthetic.

The guiding philosophy behind our design sensibility is trado-cultural futurism… a fusion of modernity and traditions, of time and history. We explore new pathways to create innovative interior furnishings that take inspiration from the cultures and traditions of Africa. Delve into precedent ideas through the lens of present global multi-cultural ideals to design and produce solutions to current social needs.

Our method is akin to a movement from the present to the future through the past. A process of coaxing and evolving past cultural design narratives through the lens of the present to arrive at a future consensus that is evocative, yet relevant to modern global aesthetic. With these guiding principles, we produce only one-of-a-kind and limited quantity originals. Our products are uniquely designed, handmade and curated for modern minimalist eclectic decor.

Please contact AfriMod Design Studio for additional information or to collaborate on projects.