How To Warm Up A Minimalist Room

During these cold, dreary months, it is quite common for some of us to feel down and lethargic. This tendency may be compounded by the fact that most of us are beginning to work from home. And without the commute and interactions with colleagues, it is quite easy to gradually slide into the doldrums and procrastination. But work schedules must be maintained and timetables kept.

To stay motivated and productive, we need to create home environments that contain visual cues that can motivate and excite us. As such, we need to be more conscious of the choices we make when selecting decorative items for our rooms, especially our minimalist spaces.

Warm colors and uncommon patterns add elements of surprise and modern global intrigue to minimalist interior spaces. With a bit of careful planning, we can create that special vision by choosing properly. Common items such as throw blankets, pillows and shower curtains can make major changes to the ambiance of bedrooms and bathrooms.

AfriMod designer collections of throw blankets, pillows and shower curtains are ideal for complementing existing decor or creating bold new statements. Starting with inspiration from Fulani wedding blanket designs, we created the Fula Project Collection that is minimalist in execution, but imbued with organic warmth.

We paid special attention to Fulani use of geometric patterns, abstract elements and bold colors as storytelling tools. And, working with these features, we focused on infusing the essence of Fulani exaltation of love and marriage into our blanket, bedding, throw pillow and shower curtain designs.

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