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Showcase your art to art-focused consumers worldwide and earn income on every sale incorporating your artwork.

AfriMod supports artists both seasoned and new anywhere in the world. We offer you the opportunity to concentrate on what you do best––because making more art is a full time endeavor.

You make the art and we offer a best-in-class array of home decor, furniture, apparel and lifestyle products such as, art prints, notebooks, throw pillows, shower curtains, blankets, yoga gear, etc––incorporating your artwork.

Why Sell On AfriMod?

AfriMod is an online marketplace for artists, artist groups and galleries to showcase and sell contemporary home and lifestyle products incorporating your artworks to art-focused consumers worldwide.

There are no monthly fees or listing fees.
AfriMod provides the technology infrastructure, manages productions, transactions and marketing services that help artists sell to consumers worldwide.

A wide range of items are sold worldwide on AfriMod marketplace. AfriMod reserve the rights to decline or request additional information before listing an item. If you have any questions please contact us.

How It Works

Visual Artists | Sculptural Artists | Textile Artists

You submit digital images of your own original artwork to us and our team will use software and other methods to adapt your images to our most appropriate products. See How to Photograph Your Artwork for Reproduction on AfriMod Products. You retain possession of your original artworks.

Choose your Artwork
Photograph & Send Image of Artwork to AfriMod
AfriMod Designs Product(s) with your Image
Customer Buys Product
You Get a Commission every time that Product Sells

AfriMod may present your artwork images in whole or in part, as submitted or in modified forms. No matter how the work is presented, you, the artist, will be credited as the source of the original art.

Commissions are paid on sold items only. 10% on art prints and 5% on all other products incorporating your artwork image/s. You receive commissions each time a product incorporating your artwork image is sold. Artist original works (paintings, drawings, illustrations, sketches, etc) as well as sculptural objects , textiles, etc are paid at 70% commission on listed price.

You may choose to list and sell these original artworks separately as physical products on AfriMod. See the process of selling original (physical) artworks under Physical Objects (see also Crafts).

Limited Edition Series

Are you a rising star? Get featured in our limited edition series. In consultation with select artists, AfriMod will restrict the total number of art prints produced of your artwork in each limited edition. 

AfriMod small edition prints come with exclusive print run numbers printed at the bottom of each art print. This print run number determines the exclusivity and value of each print in the edition.

What Types Of Artwork Should I Submit?

Visual Artists

Drawings, Illustrations, Sketches
Subjects: animal forms, vegetation, patterns, abstracts, figurines, doodles, caricatures, etc

Subjects: traditional icons & motifs, traditional objects

Subjects: abstracts, fauna, flora

Subjects: fauna, flora, traditional objects, traditional events, etc

Sculptural Artists

Wood / Stone Carvings
Subjects: abstract forms, non-traditional figurines, fauna, flora, vessels, etc

Metal / Bronze Castings
Subjects: contemporary abstract forms, candle holders, wall art, nature & wildlife, vessels, etc

Clay Moldings
Subjects: vessels, abstract forms, figurines, etc

Textile Artists

Pattern Making
Subjects: African-inspired contemporary designs, re-interpretations of traditional designs, batik, tie & dye,
leather works, traditional icons, motifs, etc

Subjects: contemporary designs inspired by traditional fabrics, traditional designs, etc

Subjects: hand-woven fabrics, traditional as well as contemporary designs

How to Submit Your Artwork

**Please ONLY submit digital images of original artworks in which you own the intellectual property rights.

Visual Artists (Digital Images)

You may scan your artwork, take a photo with a high resolution camera, or simply use your cell phone to capture a high resolution image at 3900px on the shortest side. See how below:

Learn how to create large, print-ready images by photographing your artworks in segments.

Learn best practices for Digital SLR Cameras (18MP or greater).

If you have access to a scanner, use it to digitize small, flat artworks.

Complete & Upload Images. Compile Information on each item: Title and description of original artwork, Completion date of artwork, Dimensions of original artwork. Medium and materials… oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc, illustration, mixed media, digital composition, photographic work, etc. Upload digital images and information.

Sculptural Artists | Textile Artists (Physical Objects)

Take several photos of each physical artwork from different angles plus close-up shots. Use either a high resolution camera or your cell phone (see how to use your cell phone). You may choose to scan flat objects such as textiles for details of patterns or highlights..

Complete & Upload Images. Compile information on each item: Title of artwork, materials used, dimensions, price requested for the physical artwork (in your local currency). Upload the digital images and information to AfriMod.

When any of your artworks sell, you will be notified. You must acknowledge receipt, then ship your artwork to the customer’s address within 48 to 72 hours. You must notify AfriMod when the artwork ships and provide us with the tracking number of the package.

After the buyer has satisfactorily received the artwork, you will receive your payment in the local bank account you supplied.

See Crafts below


See frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

Get Started

  • Please select account type: Artist, Artist Group, Gallery or Craft Maker/Seller
  • Provide your contact information
  • Upload 3-6 digital images as samples of your artworks or products

Crafts: Decorative Objects

Build and grow your own art and crafts business on AfriMod. AfriMod will work with you to determine which of your products have the best chances of selling to international consumers.

A wide range of products can be sold online. To be successful, the products you choose to sell must be above average in craftsmanship and visual aesthetics.

Excellent quality, visual appeal plus practical applications in interior decorating increases the likelihood of sales.

AfriMod does not accept or list items that may be considered antiquities or cultural treasures. We also do not accept products made of, or containing parts of endangered species or other banned materials (see

What Can I Sell?

Home Furnishings
Items: stools, center tables, baskets, woven mats, carpets and rugs, etc

Items: traditional woven cloth or blankets, batik, tie-and-dye, etc. 

Items: pottery, vases, bowls, plates, candle-holders, calabash, etc.

Garden / Outdoor Structures
Items: garden ornaments, garden decor, lanterns, garden art, birdhouses, toys, etc

How the Process Works

Choose your products you wish to sell. Take several photos of each product from different angles including close-up shots. Use either a high resolution camera or your cell phone.

Complete & Upload Images: After photographing the products you wish to sell on AfriMod, compile the following information on each… Name of the item, Traditional origins and its uses, Materials made with, Dimensions, Price requested, etc. Upload information plus photos to AfriMod.

Choose Your Product
Send photos &
price to AfriMod
AfriMod puts your
product online
Customer buys
your product
You ship your
product to customer
You get paid

When any of your products sell, you will be notified. You must acknowledge receipt, then ship your product to the customer’s address within 48 to 72 hours.  You must notify AfriMod when the product ships and provide us with the tracking number of the package.

After the buyer has satisfactorily received the product, you will receive your payment in the local bank account you supplied.


See frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

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