AfriMod is African Modern… beautiful designs with ancient roots

Authentic Handmade… Good Designs, Good Ideas

Great designs happen with passion and commitment…each imbued with the personal and cultural narratives of its origin. These are treasures that endure, connecting individual artisans to individual shoppers worldwide…

  • Make Any Room of Yours… Yours in Every Way

    Revamp your living space… contemporary or traditional… Every piece on AfriMod is a treasure that endures. Each is inspired by the colors, the textures and the drama of adventure and discovery; and, each remains undiminished in its true form to give your interior space that modern global flair. What, after all is creativity, if it isn't the belief that things can be made better?

    African Clay Pot with Leaf Motif (Nupe Pottery) from Nupe Pot Gallery:   Decorative clay pot with leaf motif. Ideal for eclectic modern global interiors.
    Adinkra Poster: Courage from i-nomad:   Courage: represented by the horn of the ram... derived from the Adinkra ideographic symbol, Dwennimmen.
    Bold African flat basket (~13in) from African Basket Emporium:   Bold African flat basket with bold red, black and white patterns.
    "Way to Palace" - framed Yoruba art print (12x18") - from Araba:   Yoruba art print, "On the Way to Palace" by Oscar Olufisayo Awokunle