Company Info

Company Info
Welcome and thank you for your interest in AfriMod.
AfriMod is a curated marketplace for contemporary home & lifestyle products that are inspired by ancient African symbols, icons, forms, patterns, shapes, etc. The company is focused on the concept of a modern conclusive global world and our mission is to design and craft unique products that are unexpected, distinctive and evocative.

AfriMod is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Canada with our African operational headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. It was founded by an African-Canadian father-daughter team, Osita D. Juwah and Ada-Nkem N. (Ada) Juwah. The founders guiding philosophy is based on the values and principles of inclusiveness— evident in our multiple product offerings that draw inspirations from ancient cultures and traditions.

Why The Name AfriMod?
AfriMod is coined from the words, “African” and “Modern” — a vision of a 21st century modern global aesthetic that is characterized by an Africa-inclusive design narrative.

Millennium Park, Abuja, Nigeria

Where is AfriMod based?
Everywhere! AfriMod works remotely with the best people in North America and Africa, regardless of where they call home. We started in Toronto, Canada then expanded to Africa with operations in Abuja, Nigeria.

Design Studio: What we do
We explore new approaches to design. The guiding philosophy behind our design sensibility is trado‑cultural futurism—a fusion of modernity and traditions, and of time and history. It is an exploratory process that aims to discover new pathways to creating innovative lifestyle products and interior furnishings that take inspirations from multiple cultures and traditions. AfriMod does this by deconstructing precedent cultural and traditional design elements to extract their core essence as inspirations for new products. It is a method akin to moving from the present to the future through the past. A process of coaxing and evolving past cultural design narratives through the lens of the present to arrive at a future consensus that is evocative, yet relevant to modern global aesthetic.

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