• Sankofa Yoga Mat – Ripples in Time
  • Sankofa Yoga Mat – Ripples in Time
  • Sankofa Yoga Mat – Ripples in Time
  • Sankofa Yoga Mat – Ripples in Time
  • Sankofa Yoga Mat – Ripples in Time

Sankofa Yoga Mat – Ripples in Time


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The design of this Sankofa Yoga Mat is inspired by the essence of the Adinkra ideographic symbol Sankofa (go back and take). The African symbol of Sankofa reminds us that we are not doomed by our past mistakes… We have the capacity to revisit the past to extract the knowledge and wisdom we need to remake our future. It is a perfect reminder of the intertwined nature of time, thought and action, and the wisdom we acquire throughout our lives.

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  • Calming blue yoga mat featuring concentric ripples of time... past, present and future. This is a modern redesign of the African ideographic Adinkra symbol Sankofa.

    Meaning: take wisdom from the past to remake your future; grow from mistakes; look to the past for guidance, yet always move forward.

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  • Yoga Mats

    Our yoga mats lie perfectly flat and their sheared microfiber polyester surface increases your grip as you sweat. They also feature an anti-slip black natural rubber padding. Size: 68x24 inches.

    Please, clean with soap and water, do not machine wash.


  • Project: Adinkra Redesign

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    AfriMod take on seven Adinkra ideographic symbols. An Adinkra redesign project that resulted in fresh minimalist reinterpretations.

    Adinkra are ideographic symbols or pictograms that flourished in ancient Ghanian textiles and gold weights designs. These symbols represented concise concepts, sayings, or proverbs that express traditional wisdoms of the Akan (Asante) people.

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