• Abstract Mud Cloth Shower Curtain II
  • Abstract Mud Cloth Shower Curtain II
  • Abstract Mud Cloth Shower Curtain II
  • Abstract Mud Cloth Shower Curtain II

Abstract Mud Cloth Shower Curtain II


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Sparse, minimalist geometric shower curtain inspired by abstract mud cloth designs.

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  • Minimalist black and white shower curtain designed by AfriMod Studio.

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    Strong and durable 100% polyester fabric shower curtains, with 12 button holes for hook placement (hooks not included). One sided print, printed and sewn in the USA. Best used with an inner water repellent liner. Size: Standard (71x74 inches).

    Care: Machine wash in cold water, use gentle cycle only. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.


    71x74 inch (standard)

    Color (primary)

    Black and White


  • Project: Mud Cloth Abstracts

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    Inspired by Bogolanfini (bogo ~ earth/mud... lan ~ with/by means of… fini ~ cloth) or mud cloth, is a traditional textile of the Bamana (Bambara) people of West Africa.

    Traditionally, each geometric or abstracted flora/fauna motif is part of a complex symbolic language that communicates traditional narratives that have been handed down through generations. Each motif has a specific meaning and each completed cloth tells a unique story that can be deciphered from the motifs and symbols used in its construction.

    AfriMod expanded, modified and redesigned these traditional Bogolanfini motifs to create abstracted patterns and designs for contemporary living.

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