• Happy Together (Nsirewa Adinkra Symbol) – digital gift card

Happy Together (Nsirewa Adinkra Symbol) – digital gift card

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Gift card for celebrating family & friends… a sense of unity and togetherness that so effortlessly generates happiness, represented by the Adinkra symbol Nsirewa. Adinkra symbols are ideographic African symbols that condense complex life concepts into powerful singular symbols.

The original Nsirewa symbol of four linked cowrie shells, representing unity and togetherness, is further abstracted and personified. In this reinterpretation, the cowries interlock hands to symbolize unbreakable bonds forged between us and those we love.

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  • Project: Adinkra Redesign

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    AfriMod take on seven Adinkra ideographic symbols. An Adinkra redesign project that resulted in fresh minimalist reinterpretations.

    Adinkra are ideographic symbols or pictograms that flourished in ancient Ghanian textiles and gold weights designs. These symbols represented concise concepts, sayings, or proverbs that express traditional wisdoms of the Akan (Asante) people.

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