Artists / Designers / Makers

AfriMod is a highly curated online marketing platform that works in close collaboration with artists, designers and makers to produce contemporary products that combine simplicity, form and function. Our home and lifestyle products are inspired by ancient forms, patterns, icons and motifs and appeal to diverse market segments.

Submit + Sell Your Artwork

AfriMod offers you the opportunity to do what you love and create more art. Submit digital images of your paintings, illustrations, sketches, photography, etc. You may also submit photos of physical products you wish to sell on AfriMod.

If your artwork is a good fit for us, we will work with you to buy or sell your selected items. Please ONLY submit digital images of your original artworks in which you own the intellectual property rights. Commissions are paid at a minimum of US$0.20 cents for basic artworks to a maximum of US$2.00 for larger more sophisticated artworks (required image size is 8×10 inches at 150 dpi and above). Payments are in your local currency. Inquire about our payout schedule.

How Does AfriMod Adapt My Digital Artwork?

You submit digital images of your original artwork to us and our team of experts will use software and other methods to adapt selected images to our most appropriate products. You may sell your original artwork or use it as you choose.

AfriMod may present selected artworks in whole or in part as submitted or in modified forms. No matter how the work is presented, you, the artist, will be credited as the source of the original art.

What Types of Artwork Should I Submit?

Submit ONLY digital images of your original hand-rendered artworks. You may also submit photos of physical handmade products (functional or decorative works) you wish to sell on the AfriMod marketplace.

Almost any type of artwork may be submitted.

  • Paintings – oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc
    (landscapes, portraiture, abstracts, nature and wildlife)
  • Drawings, Illustrations, Sketches – pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, etc
    (figures, animals, patterns, abstracts, doodles, caricatures, shapes, etc)
  • Photography – black and white, color, digital or film
    (landscapes, nature, fauna, flora, events, etc)
  • Traditional Designs (icons, motifs, fabric designs, etc)

How To Submit Your Artwork

You may scan your artwork, take a photo with a high resolution camera, or simply use your cell phone (see how to use your cell phone).

Upload to AfriMod or Submit images by WhatsApp +1-416-317-5308

Get Started

Submit a Web Request or Send a Whatsapp message containing

  • your Name
  • your Location
  • Email (if you have one)
  • 3 to 6 images of your Artwork (you must be the original creator and hold all rights to the artwork)