Artists / Designers / Makers

AfriMod works in close collaboration with artists, designers and craft-makers in Africa and the Diaspora. Together, we explore new pathways to innovative designs for the home and personal lifestyle. Products on AfriMod take inspiration from the cultures and traditions of Africa and the world… and are crafted for modern global aesthetics.

Over the past few years, we have been developing a highly curated catalog of lifestyle products ranging from interior furnishings, outdoor and garden to apparel, wellness and personal care. We support artists, both seasoned and new. If your artwork is a good fit for us, we will work with you to sell your artwork and designs.

Get Started

Submit a Web Request or Send a Whatsapp message containing

  • your Name
  • your Location
  • Email (if you have one)
  • 3 to 6 images of your Artwork (you must be the original creator and hold all rights to the artwork)

Visual Artists

AfriMod offers you the opportunity to do what you love and create more art. Keep your original artwork – Submit only digital images of your paintings, illustrations, sketches, patterns, lettering, photography, etc. Submissions may include landscapes, abstracts, patterns, wildlife art (animals, plants, flowers, etc), portraiture, digital designs, etc.

See Your Artwork On A Variety Of Products

We offer a curated catalog of home and personal style products. You submit digital images of your artwork to us and our team of experts work to create a variety of lifestyle products for interior decor, outdoor and garden, furniture, apparel, wellness and lifestyle, wall art, etc. You may sell the original artwork or use it as you choose.

You create the art… We coordinate marketing, fulfillment, printing, shipping and customer services.

What Types of Artwork Should I Submit?

Almost any type of visual artwork can be submitted.

  • Paintings
    – oil, acrylic, watercolor, etc
    – landscapes, portraiture, abstracts, nature and wildlife
  • Drawings, Illustrations, Sketches
    – pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, etc
    – figures, vegetation, animals, patterns, abstracts, doodles, caricatures, lettering, shapes, etc.
  • Photography
    – black and white, color, digital or film
    – landscapes, nature, fauna (animal life), flora (plant life), events, etc.
  • Graphic Design (digital design)
  • Traditional Designs (icons, motifs, Tie & Dye designs, etc.

How Does AfriMod Adapt My Artwork For Sale?

You submit your digital images to us and our team of experts will use software and other methods to adapt your images to the most appropriate products.

Your works can be presented in whole or in part, as submitted or in a modified form. No matter how the work is presented, you the artist will be credited as the source of the art and receive commissions on the sale of that product. Commissions are paid at 10% on Art Prints and 5% on all other products.

How To Submit Your Visual Artwork

Submit images of paintings, sketches, photographs, designs, patterns, etc. We evaluate which images have potential for application on multiple products.

You may scan your artwork, take a photo with a high resolution camera, or simply use your cell phone (see how to use your cell phone).

Submit these images by WhatsApp +1-416-317-5308 or upload.

You will be contacted for large digital images of selected works (smallest image size we require is 8×10 inches at 150 dpi).

Designers & Product Makers

Submit images and info on your physical products and reach a world of shoppers. We recommend you take several well-lit shots from all angles of your product as well as close-ups of any damage or wear and tear on the item.

Please only upload original, unaltered images. Do not edit photos. Photos that have been edited with a watermark or a photo effects filter of any kind will be rejected.

Photographing Physical Objects

Choose a location that is uncluttered with an off-white background wall color. Stage your product, making sure that every aspect of it is within the camera lens view-finder. Well composed photos add aesthetic value to the items being photographed. Pay attention to the background: sweep and remove all trash and debris. Place items in such a way as not to capture any unflattering images in the background… images such as hanging laundry, dilapidated buildings, trash, etc. Clear all items that are on or around the piece to be photographed.

Turn off the flash function of your camera before you photograph the items. Use natural light instead, but avoid direct sunlight on the items being photographed.

Pay attention to your focus! No blurry shots, please.

Photograph different angles of each item so as to highlight its appeal. Place the item next to an appropriately sized object so as to help prospective buyers understand the scale.

Snap full shots of the entire piece as well as close-ups of key features. In addition, also include isolation shots of any damaged areas.

Join Our Community

Together, we explore new pathways to innovative interior furnishings, decorative ideas and personal style products. We attract world-wide customers who love modern global aesthetics, are art-conscious and are looking to discover unique products for their modern global lifestyle.

Introduce A Friend… Earn A Bonus

AfriMod is an international creative community of creatives in Africa and the diaspora and we are dedicated to supporting one another. We recognize that as one succeeds, we all succeed. With more artists participating… submitting more paintings, photographs, illustrations, etc, overall exposure increases for everyone leading potentially to more sales.

Introduce a friend who can benefit from seeing their artwork on a variety of products on the AfriMod platform. And in helping them, you earn a bonus on each sale your friend makes on the platform for one full year.

Get Started

Submit a Web Request or Send a Whatsapp message containing

  • your Name
  • your Location
  • Email (if you have one)
  • 3 to 6 images of your Artwork (you must be the original creator and hold all rights to the artwork)