What We Do

AfriMod is all about people, about dreamers who believe that anything is possible … people connecting with one another in ways that build better human understanding. It is also about providing opportunities for artists, designers, craft-makers and micro-businesses to reach a global market where commerce is re-imagined and redefined.

AfriMod is a marketplace and a community enabling makers of authentic handmade goods to deliver directly to consumers worldwide.

AfriMod.com was launched on March 01, 2015, by Viquest Creative Ltd of Toronto, Canada. The name, AfriMod is coined from the term “African Modern,” a concept of Africa in the twenty-first century, where the past and the present are equally relevant.

How it Works
In order to sell products on AfriMod, users must register an account by requesting to Open a Shop.

Creating a shop on AfriMod is free, with no listing or monthly fees. And listings remain on the shop page until sold.

There are three separate account types on AfriMod:

Standard Accounts: for makers who may or may not require assistance with registration, shop opening, product listings, etc. Standard accounts may be managed by AfriMod Xchange or an AfriMod Associate.

Brand Accounts: open only to makers who already have their own web-presence and are looking for additional avenues to enhance their sales and brands online.

Associate Accounts: for individuals, groups or businesses who wish to independently discover, register, list and manage shops for multiple offline craft-makers, artists, designers, etc.

What about Fair Trade?

AfriMod ensures fair-trade between makers and shoppers

Shops are 100% free! Vendors add their own products to the site, set their own prices and earn the full amount of each sale above our base commission. We manage transactions, handle customer service, marketing and promotions and provide sales reporting. After sold items are satisfactorily received by the buyer, the seller (owner) will receive their funds either in their local bank account or through PayPal, World Remit, Western Union or MoneyGram.

In many of the so-called fair trade organizations, the vast majority of the wealth these sales produce (upwards of 60%) leave the producing communities. Our objective at AfriMod is to keep this wealth in the producing communities.

Shopping on AfriMod is simple. Type a product name into the search bar or simply browse through a list of options. Shoppers do not need to be registered or to have an AfriMod account to purchase items. All payments are processed by PayPal or Stripe.

Going Forward
AfriMod is currently in the process of developing a West African location — the “AfriMod Xchange”.

This project is conceived as a gathering place that serves as a confluence for creativity, innovation and design; a place for social interactions where individuals congregate and interact to innovate new products, ideas and concepts.

When completed, the AfriMod Xchange should include office spaces for AfriMod team members to interact with local artists and craft-makers, warehousing and shipping facilities as well as a resource library and café.

The objective is to have a continuous cycle of creative collaboration between visiting and local creative minds. In addition, the presence of vibrant traditional artisanal communities within these geographic surroundings will present multiple opportunities for discovery, inspiration and testaments to the linkages between art and cultural heritage.

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