Sell on AfriMod: Seller FAQ

Who Can Sell on AfriMod?

AfriMod offers three great ways to sell your handmade products online.

Individuals, Craft-Makers, Designers, Artists, Artisans etc.

Earn 70%-90% commission on your listed retail price.

AfriMod Associates

Help local artisans improve their income by helping them to sell online. Earn commissions.     Learn More

Visual Artists

We produce and ship art prints and posters of your paintings, illustrations, sketches, photographs, graphic design, etc. at a commission of 60% after production and sales costs.

You may also sell your original works (at 70%-90% commission).

What Can I Sell?

A wide range of items can be sold worldwide on AfriMod but we do not accept every product that is presented for sale. All items sold on AfriMod must meet a minimum standard of originality, aesthetics and craftsmanship. If you have any questions please contact us.

AfriMod reserves the right to decline any item or request more information before listing. AfriMod does not accept or list items that may be considered antiquities, stolen antiquities, cultural treasures, etc. We also do not accept products made of or containing parts of ivory, snake/alligator skin or other banned materials (see

    Home + Garden
  • accent furniture: stools, coffee tables
  • baskets
  • floor rugs & mats
  • pottery & vases
  • woven textiles & blankets
  • batik & tie dye
  • pillows
  • throws & runners
  • interior/exterior décor
  • etc
    Art + Design
  • paintings
  • drawings & illustrations
  • sculptures
  • photographs
  • prints & posters of your work
    Maker Materials
  • raw wood and wood dust
  • unfinished textiles & cloth
  • beads
  • etc

How Does AfriMod Maintain Quality?

We review each and every shop request closely, ensuring that we ONLY allow quality artists/designers and businesses to open shops on AfriMod. We also closely monitor all reports and feedback from our shoppers and the community regarding products and/or shops. We respond as quickly as possible to any issues.

    Some of the things we consider in choosing shops are:
  • Quality: Attention to tiny details, finishing touches and visual elements that say, Wow! Beautiful!
  • Uniqueness: You are not easily satisfied. You improve on what's already there with additional touches, and your work stands out.
  • Excitement and wow! factor: Your visual elements are just as awesome as your technical skills in craftsmanship. The small style choices you make and finishing touches you apply turn an okay product into something really awesome.
  • Solid collection: We like to review at least 3 or more samples of your work to evaluate your shop proposal in as fair a manner as possible.
  • Since people cannot physically see, touch or test your products, you need to give buyers as much info as possible— awesome photos, well written captions and any social-interest stories that could strike a cord with individuals.
  • The vast majority of products sold online are gifts! So make sure that you fit in with key seasonal festivities such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Eid al-Fitr, Mother's Day, Hanukkah, Weddings, Birthdays, Chinese New Year, etc. This will ensure that you get more sales throughout the year.

How Do I Get Paid?

Buyers pay (in US Dollars) online with their credit cards, debit cards or PayPal accounts.

After sold items are satisfactorily received by the buyer, you will receive your funds either in your PayPal (Premier or Business account) or in your local (bank account, World Remit, Western Union, MoneyGram). See Payout Schedule.

Payments are sent out for orders that have closed. An order is considered closed upon expiration of the Hold Period. To protect both buyers and sellers, AfriMod collects payments from buyers at the time of sale and holds the proceeds at PayPal until after confirmation that the item has been delivered safely to the buyer.

No fees to list your products. There's absolutely no cost to you until your product is sold.

Who Sets the Price of an Item?

You set the price, but we may use our data, expertise, and knowledge of the international market to suggest a price that is within the parameters of prevailing retail prices. The role of AfriMod is to help you sell your items profitably and quickly. Whether or not you take our suggestion is up to you.

How Do I List an Item?

For each listing, you'll provide photos, descriptions, asking price, measurements, your item's materials, stories behind it, and more. The more information you can provide to the buyer, the more likely you are to have a successful sale. Include color photos that are well-lit, show all-important angles, and show prominent features. AfriMod will review your submission and respond within 48 hours to let you know if the items have been accepted. Once accepted, we edit and have them available for sale on AfriMod within 3-5 business days.

How Long is an Item Listed?

Listings are good for as long as the seller has the item available for sale and AfriMod feels it should remain active on the site. Sellers are required to maintain their listings to ensure that all items listed on AfriMod remain available for sale. If for any reason an item is no longer available, you must inform AfriMod immediately.

What Should I Name My Shop?

Choose any (non-sectarian, non-sexist, non-racist) name you are comfortable with. If your choice is available and acceptable to AfriMod, the design team will work with you to build your own brand – from graphic design, product selection and placement to pricing, marketing (social media), etc.

What are My Responsibilities as a Seller?

  • You are solely responsible for all aspects of your listing, including providing accurate item information and photos; and shipping your item to the buyer after a sale. AfriMod reserves the right to edit and revise your listing for grammatical errors, minor corrections, readability, etc. You agree to accurately describe each item to the best of your ability.
  • You must ship each item within a reasonable amount of time in clean, stain-free, dust-free, safe and non-previously marked packaging.
  • You must ship each item in the same condition and quality as advertised in your listing for sale.
  • AfriMod reserves the right at any time to reject any item as unsuitable for sale on the site.

How Do I Ship an Item?

The term "shipping" simply refers to the logistics of moving sold items from seller to buyer. In all cases you, the seller, will use the most cost effective method. In general, shipping sold items to customers is one of the challenges of selling online. The best choice for shipping to customers is most often by using your local Post Office. The Post Office is much cheaper and much more convenient to use than shipping companies and agents.

Check the international shipping rates at your local post office for shipping costs to distant destinations in North America and Europe. Also inquire about tracking numbers. You'll be surprised by how much cheaper postal rates are compared to courier rates.

Nigeria (EMS):
Nigeria (NiPost):
Ghana (Ghana Post):
Kenya (Posta Kenya):
Senegal (La Poste):
Tanzania (Tanzania Posts Corporation):   select International Parcel Services from menu
Zimbabwe (ZimPost):

Who Pays the Shipping Cost?

The buyer pays the shipping costs when a purchase is made online.

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