The AfriMod story is all about people, about dreamers who believe that anything is possible … human stories of passion and hope. A story about people connecting with one another in ways that build better human understanding.

It is also a story about providing opportunities for artists, designers, craft-makers and micro-businesses to reach a global marketplace where commerce is re-imagined and redefined.

AfriMod markets out of multiple locations globally and strives to foster consumer connections to artists and crafters. There’s really nothing else like AfriMod … association with Africa’s rural beginnings, a very authentic story telling method that focuses on individuals, and a brand persona that reflects the iconic grit and sheer tenacity of brand Africa itself; thus the company motto: “AfriMod is where African Modern is made.” on its own however, is just a platform to get products in front of shoppers wherever they may be; but with its community of artists, designers, craft-makers, micro-businesses and shoppers, AfriMod becomes a living, breathing entity. This vibrant community gives AfriMod credibility and makes it real; and this in itself is something authentic — something that gives AfriMod a soul.

We believe that we can and should make positive impact globally.

AfriMod is focused on protecting the African Girl Child from abuse and neglect and developing these young minds to become extraordinary leaders of the future. We do this by investing in their healthcare, education and leadership skills required for our changing global society.

It is our vision that we can bring people together, inspire change and make a difference such that together we will elevate the African Girl Child. In doing so, we contribute towards a positive inclusive society where everyone can endure and thrive.

In addition, we encourage collaborative artistic explorations between artists, designers and makers from our culturally diverse global community by providing and promoting an environment where artistic interactions can occur seamlessly.

What about Fair Trade?

AfriMod ensures fair-trade between makers and shoppers

Shops are 100% free! Vendors add their own products to the site, set their own prices and earn the full amount of each sale above our base commission. We manage transactions, handle customer service, marketing and promotions and provide sales reporting.

In many of the so-called fair trade organizations, the vast majority of the wealth these sales produce (upwards of 60%) leave the producing communities. Our objective at AfriMod is to keep wealth in the artisan communities.