AfriMod Tips For Branding Your Online Shop

Tips for Branding Your Online Shop and Improve Sales:

Manage your reputation by building your credibility. Build your credibility by paying uncompromising attention to minute details in the quality and finishing of products you offer for sale.

Response Time:

Respond quickly and responsibly to negative criticisms and customer complaints. Project a professional stature while showcasing your products so as to bring in the right types of clients and customers.

AfriMod is a virtual marketing platform:

AfriMod is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Your shop, your works and your reputation are all on display every second of everyday, world-wide. Make the most of it.

Photos do matter a great deal:

AfriMod is a visual platform. Your photos represent you, your works or products and your business. Prospective customers’ first impressions of you are largely based on your photos and graphics. You and your products are judged solely on the basis of your visual representations. Therefore, strong, professionally executed photos and graphics are highly recommended. They speak loudly about the credibility and professionalism of your products and your business.

See: AfriMod Sellers’ Guide: How to Photograph Your Products

Customer Reviews and Complaints:

Make note of customer complaints or negative reviews. Address these with a view to providing better customer service and higher quality products. Send thank you notes when possible and request reviews from your peers in your community.


Collaborate with other designers across multiple genre. For example, visual artists could collaborate with furniture or jewelry designers to produce very unique items. Such collaborations also help to build your profile across multiple genres in artistic communities and may lead to future commissions.

Online Presence:

If you have your own website, choose to add a link to AfriMod on your homepage. This is a great way to promote your brand, strengthen your reputation and potentially boost sales of your products.  Ask customers, clients and colleagues to follow you on social media and remember to post your events and ongoing projects. You may also consider posting stories about you and your brand on AfriMod StyleBooks. Use comments and reviews as ways of adding more compelling content to your shop. And finally, allow your personality and expertise to show and possibly gain global contacts.


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