Reinterpret | Repurpose | Redesign Precedent Products

What if there is a lifeline between ancient traditions and today’s global culture?

What if all cultures contributed equally to our present global cultural space? What if designers were free to mix and match multiple diverse cultural elements in a design? And what if these designers are able to innovate in a manner dictated only by the requirements of the basic design concept without adherence to their individual cultural preferences?

There is a relevance to a modernity evolved out of ancient African cultural traditions not just a modernity imported wholesale. But to achieve this modernity, designers must simultaneously build backwards from the present and forwards from the past. This approach requires that designers to reach a consensus that is contemporary in execution while exhibiting identifiable yet subtle traditional/cultural nuances. The aim is to extract core, relevant conceptual ideas of ancient art and design traditions, and combining these with the ideals of the future arrive at a fresh global style.

What can I do as a Designer?

  • redesign or re-purpose everyday objects, symbols, etc. for today’s living
  • develop solutions for everyday objects that are badly designed, function poorly or are just not useful
  • re-purpose or reinterpret traditional objects

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