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Product Ideas:

Your ideas and imagination are the only limits to the choice of products you can sell online. There are countless handmade African products that are in-demand for home and garden decorating, fashion and fashion accessorizing, as well as a vast array of raw materials for artists and craft makers.

Interior Decor:

Several African contemporary and traditional utility objects such as, handmade chairs, stools, coffee tables, etc. make ideal accent furniture. Iconic pieces such as traditional Bamileke and Nupe stools are found in some of the most fashionable homes in the Americas, Europe and beyond.

Examples of African stools you can sell online on AfriMod
Examples of African stools you can sell online on AfriMod: Bamileke Stools (left & right images) and Nupe Stools (center). [Afara]
Not to be out-done, the decorative accessories segment is a potentially a very large area, including pottery, baskets and woven objects from across the African continent. Some of the best examples are found in Ghana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. Other decorative accessories to consider: wooden or woven fruit bowls, candy jars, make-up trays, etc. In addition to these, you can market assorted woven fabrics and textiles such as adire, bogolanfini, batik, akwete, swange cloth, blankets, cotton cloth, kuba cloth, etc.

African decorative accessories that can be sold on AfriMod.
African decorative accessories that can be sold on AfriMod: Fulani blanket (African Loom), natural fiber basket (Baskets of Africa), small thuya wood bowls (Thuya).

For the floor, the assortment include, leather rugs, grass fiber mats, leather poufs, etc.

Examples of African decorative floor accents: leather poufs, leather rugs and natural fiber rugs.
Examples of African decorative floor accents: leather pouf/hassock (Ibrahim Zoo), leather carpet (Yahuza), natural fiber floor mat (Weave Naturel).

Your choices in wall decor range from fine art pieces by contemporary artists and include paintings, water color, illustrations and sculptural pieces. You can also offer traditional pieces such as flat baskets or gourds (calabash).

Examples of African wall decor: traditional flat baskets, contemporary wood sculpture, traditional calabash/gourds.
Examples of African wall decor: flat baskets (Baskets of Africa), sculptural piece (Masterpiece Art Gallery), gourd/calabash wall art (Gourd Man).

Also consider objects d’art such as the iconic Chi wara, Bamileke feather headdress, Tuareg leather pillows and much more.

Garden Decor:

You can design and build your own unique birdhouses. The only requirements for starting a business that hand makes birdhouses is to have basic woodworking tools; but more importantly – skills. The choices are unlimited in terms of design and materials. Birdhouses can be made out of wood, bamboo or woven with grasses. In some cases, they could be actual birdhouses that have been abandoned by the host birds. Potential customers will be nature lovers and bird enthusiasts, as well as people who enjoy arts and crafts.

Nature Photography:
If you love animals, you can start an animal photography business. Owners of dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, livestock, birds, and even fish can all be potential customers. Seek out unique scenery and be patient and wait for unusual situations during photography sessions.

Fashion and accessories:

Depending on the style, your customers may be young hip teens and women in their early 20s, or they may be career women in their 30s and 40s. You could begin with fashion accessories such as jewelry. The style can be contemporary jewelry in silver, gold, etc. or traditional jewelry such as Tuareg and Berber crosses, pendants and bangles, assorted beads in wood, shells and metals, etc. You could possibly branch out into totes and large baby bags for mothers or large beach bags. You could even create messenger bags for men. The choice is endless.

Examples of African fashion accessories that you can see on AfriMod.
Examples of African fashion accessories: bracelet (Trek Maghreb), beads (African Bead Shop), large tote (Joy Recycling).

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