Sell African Arts & Crafts: Idea List

Accent furniture

  • Utility Objects – Contemporary and Traditional hand made chairs, stools, coffee tables, etc.

Fine Art and objects d’art

  • Paintings, water color, illustrations,
  • Sculptural pieces in wood, metals, assorted materials,
  • Ceramic, mixed media, etc
  • Wall art,
  • Textile art, etc.

Decorative accessories

  • Pottery and ceramic vases, planters and assorted objects.
  • Baskets and woven objects: e.g. Ghanaian, Senegalese, Zimbabwean, Namibian, Malawian, Rwandese, Nigerian, Kenyan, etc.
  • Leather and fabric poufs
  • Utility objects – wooden or woven fruit bowls, candy jars, make-up trays, etc.

Fabric and Textiles

  • Adire, batik, etc
  • Assorted woven fabrics: akwete, Tiv swange cloth, Birom cloth, Kikuyu, Fulani blankets, Zulu, Hausa cotton cloth, boglanfini, kuba cloth, etc.
  • Screen-printed runners, throws, etc

Jewelry and accessories

  • Contemporary jewelry in silver, gold, etc.
  • Traditional jewelry: (Tuareg and Berber crosses, pendants and bangles, etc. Fulani jewelry, assorted beads in wood, shells and metals, jigida, etc

Fashion and Accessories

  • Designer apparel
  • Accessories – scarves, shawls, belts, etc
  • Screen-printed apparel


  • Leather floor carpets
  • Woven floor mats

Timeless Classics

  • Bamileke stools
  • Nupe stools
  • Chi wara
  • Bamileke feather headdress
  • Tuareg leather pillows, etc

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