Sell on AfriMod: Quick Overview

Join Us! Display and sell your products to global shoppers. The basic steps are simple…

You simply photograph your product with a camera or your smartphone. You keep your product until it is sold.

Visit your local post office (or courier service) and find out how much it will cost to ship your product to a far-away city such as Los Angeles, USA. This is your international shipping rate.

Tell us about your product (what it is, measurements, what it’s made of, etc). Next, tell us how much you wish to receive for your product (in your local currency or US dollars). Tell us the international shipping (postal) rate.

We’ll use this information to determine the best price for your product.

With your online shop on AfriMod, customers worldwide can now see your products in the comfort of their own home. This increases your chance to sell your products globally.

When a customer purchases your product online, you are informed by email or whatsapp. You are then required to ship the product to the customer as soon as possible.

And you get paid!