• Vintage Zulu Beaded Necklace
  • Vintage Zulu Beaded Necklace
  • Vintage Zulu Beaded Necklace

Vintage Zulu Beaded Necklace


Intricate blue Zulu beadwork. Circa 1960s; slight damage.

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Product Description

Zulu beadwork language uses the triangle as base geometric shape and seven base colors: black, blue, yellow, green, pink, red and white which can be used to convey positive or negative meaning.

The triangle represents the father, mother and child. A downward triangle represents an unmarried woman while an upward pointing triangle represents an unmarried man. Two triangles joined at their base in a diamond shape represent a married woman, while two triangles joined at their tips in an hourglass shape, represent a married man.

Positive Meaning

Black: marriage, regeneration
Blue: fidelity, a request
Yellow: wealth, a garden, industry, fertility
Green: contentment, domestic bliss
Pink: high birth, an oath, a promise
Red: physical love, strong emotion
White: spiritual love, purity, virginity

Negative Meaning

Black: sorrow, despair, death
Blue: ill feeling, hostility
Yellow: thirst, badness, withering away
Green: illness, discord
Pink: poverty, laziness
Red: anger, heartache, impatience
White: no negative meaning

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