• Large Bolgatanga Basket
  • Large Bolgatanga Basket

Large Bolgatanga Basket

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Colorful Ghana basket. Receive a free baby Bolga basket with your purchase.

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Purchase a Bolga basket & receive your choice of free Baby Bolga basket

Mother & Child... Buy one (1) large Bolga Basket and receive your choice of one (1) Baby Bolga free of charge. A perfect set for families. Also excellent as house-warming gifts.

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Product Description

Colorful Ghana basket handwoven using ‘Veta Vera’ grasses, palm and reeds. Leather-wrapped handle. Comes with your choice of baby Bolga basket (see special)! Made in Bolgatanga region, Ghana.

Bolga baskets ship flattened. To reshape basket, submerge in water briefly (keep leather handle out of water). Then, reshape by hand and let it dry.

Approximate Size:

Diameter – 15.5″
Height – 9.5″
Height (including handle) – 16″

Approximate Size of Baby Bolgas:

Diameter: 9-11″
Height: 5.5-7.5″
Height (including handle): 10-12″