• Happy Together – Nursery / Playroom Wallpaper
  • Happy Together – Nursery / Playroom Wallpaper
  • Happy Together – Nursery / Playroom Wallpaper
  • Happy Together – Nursery / Playroom Wallpaper

Happy Together – Nursery / Playroom Wallpaper

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Wallpaper featuring fun illustration of interlinked happy faces based on the Adinkra symbol for togetherness and unity (Nsirewa). Perfect for nurseries, playrooms or kids’ rooms.

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  • Grey nursery wallpaper with yellow and grey horizontal stripes. Features the cowrie Adinkra symbol Nsirewa, which symbolizes togetherness.

  • Specs

  • Wallpaper (Peel + Stick)

    Our removable peel and stick wallpaper is made from 100% polyester fabric using a multi-patented adhesive material. Formaldehyde, phthalate, and PVC-free.

    Important notes:
    Instructions and squeegee included in with 2x4, 2x8, 2x9 and 2x10 rolls. Squeegee not included with sample size (2x2 feet).

    You can remove and replace the wallpaper multiple times when installing; however, once the adhesive collects too much dust, dirt or fibers it will become less effective and may not stick as well to your surface.

    Not recommended for use on textured walls or recently painted walls.

    WARNING: DO NOT apply wallpaper with wet hands or a sponge. DO NOT use dull scissors/blade if cutting wallpaper.

    SURFACES NOT RECOMMENDED FOR APPLICATION: Textured/Uneven Walls, Dark/Multi-colored walls, Wallpapered walls; Brick/Cinder block; Unpainted Drywall/Sheetrock or Plaster; Outdoors; Non-stick Paint. Do not place wallpaper in an area likely to have steam or heat, like a Kitchen or Bathroom as it is likely to cause issues, such as peeling.

    Care: gently clean with a damp cloth.

    2x2 feet (Sample)
    2x4 feet | 24x48 inches | 8 square feet
    2x8 feet | 24x 96 inches | 16 square feet
    2x9 feet | 24x 108 inches | 18 square feet
    2x10 feet | 24x 120 inches | 20 square feet

    Calculating Coverage
    We recommend choosing the correct roll length for your ceiling height.
    - Ceiling is less than or equal to 8ft, choose the 2x8 foot roll
    - Ceiling is between 8ft and 9ft, choose the 2x9 foot roll
    - Ceiling is between 9ft and 10ft, choose the 2x10 foot roll

    Then calculate the total width by combining the width of each wall (in feet). Divide this by 2 (each roll width is 2 feet). Round up. You may want to order an extra roll to account for any issues.

    For example, if your room height is 8ft 6in and wall width is 10 ft, you would need at least 5 rolls of the 2x9 foot roll.

    We recommend ordering more than you need, dye lots are subject to have different shades of white if ordered at different times.


    2x2 feet (sample), 2x4 feet (8 sq.ft.), 2x8 feet (16 sq.ft.), 2x9 feet (18 sq.ft.), 2x10 feet (20 sq.ft.)

    Color (primary)



  • Project: Adinkra Redesign

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    AfriMod take on seven Adinkra ideographic symbols. An Adinkra redesign project that resulted in fresh minimalist reinterpretations.

    Adinkra are ideographic symbols or pictograms that flourished in ancient Ghanian textiles and gold weights designs. These symbols represented concise concepts, sayings, or proverbs that express traditional wisdoms of the Akan (Asante) people.

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  • Wallpaper
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    Canada $6 + $1 for each additional piece
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    Item is custom made for you and cannot be returned. We cannot re-stock or re-sell the item. However, if you receive a flawed or damaged order, we are always willing to remake and replace it.

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