Fear None Leggings

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  • Fear None Leggings Fear None Leggings
  • Fear None Leggings Fear None Leggings
  • Fear None Leggings Fear None Leggings
  • Fear None Leggings Fear None Leggings
  • Fear None Leggings Fear None Leggings

Fear None Leggings

Powerful, classy leggings featuring a modern design by AfriMod Studio. The design features a typographic interpretation of the words “Fear None,” in direct reference to the African Adinkra symbol Gye Nyame. African Adinkra symbols condense complex life concepts into powerful singular symbols. The left upper thigh features a striking redesign of the Gye Nyame symbol, within the “O” of the Fear None print.


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  • Gye Nyame (Fear None)
    Universal acceptance of the omnipotence of God in each person. A source of spiritual and psychological strength that one can draw upon to dispel fear. Or, more succinctly: Fear None.

    Adinkra Redesign

    AfriMod take on seven Adinkra ideographic symbols. An Adinkra redesign project that resulted in fresh minimalist reinterpretations.

    Adinkra are ideographic symbols or pictograms that flourished in ancient Ghanian textiles and gold weights designs. These symbols represented concise concepts, sayings, or proverbs that express traditional wisdoms of the Akan (Asante) people.

  • Specs
  • Leggings / Capris / Shorts

    Our leggings are soft, stretchy and incredibly comfortable. Each item is printed, hand-cut and sewn for your order.

    You can choose to have an optional small inner pocket sewn into the waistband seam of any yoga legging or yoga short.

    - 82% polyester/18% spandex
    - 38-40 UPF sun protection
    - Four-way stretch in 224 GSM smooth and comfortable micro-fiber yarn fabric

    Please note that contact with rough surfaces and velcro fasteners should be avoided since they can pull out the white fibers in the fabric, damaging the leggings’ appearance.




    XS, S, M, L, XL
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