Sell on AfriMod: How it Works

What is AfriMod?

AfriMod is a marketplace that helps you sell to consumers worldwide. AfriMod provides the technology infrastructure and marketing services that help you sell your handmade products online.

Why AfriMod?

Shops are 100% free! You set your own prices and earn 70%-90% on all sales. There are no monthly fees or listing fees. You are only charged a commission on the total sale (plus transaction fees and funds transfer fees to your account). AfriMod manages transactions, handles customer service and provides sales reporting.

You may already have a website and you may or may not have the capability to accept payments. Either way, your brand can benefit from being on a curated marketplace that is dedicated exclusively to quality and authentic handmade African and Africa-inspired products.

What Do I Get?

  1. Your own personalized, dedicated online shop

    Your shop page is branded with your shop banner, your photo and info (you supply photo & info and we professionally design and re-package for you at no cost).

  2. You receive promotion online and on social media

What Can I Sell?...

Home / Interiors

  • furnishings— stools, coffee tables, wooden chests, etc
  • baskets, mats, woven rugs, woven bowls, etc
  • pottery, vases, bowls, plates, candle-holders, etc
  • woven textiles, batik, tie-and-dye, pillows, blankets, throws, etc
  • calabash art, small flat baskets, wall-hangings, etc

Garden / Outdoor

  • garden ornaments, garden decor, pottery, etc
  • lanterns, garden art, etc
  • birdhouses, toys, etc
  • dried grasses, seeds, etc

Art / Media

  • paintings, illustration, etc
  • handmade cards
  • paper & stationery
  • sculpture
  • music

For more detailed information see Seller FAQ

How the Process Works

  1. Photograph the products you wish to sell on AfriMod and compile basic information on them such as, name, origin, uses, color, materials, dimensions, price, weight, etc. AfriMod will work with you to determine which products have the greatest chance of selling on the international market.
  2. Send all this information to AfriMod either by uploading to your shop page, by email or through WhatsApp.
  3. When any of your products sell, you will be informed by email or WhatsApp. You must acknowledge receipt, then ship your product to the customer's address within a reasonable amount of time. You must notify us when your product ships and send us the tracking number of your package.
  4. After the buyer has satisfactorily received the product, you will receive your payment in the local bank account you supplied. Payments are transferred to your account as per the AfriMod Payout Schedule.

Visual Artists: sell originals and reproductions of your works

Fine Arts

  • paintings
  • illustration
  • collage
  • mixed-media
  • watercolor
  • etc


  • illustrations
  • patterns
  • textures
  • icons
  • etc


  • arts and entertainment
  • beauty and fashion
  • wildlife and nature
  • places and architecture
  • people and events
  • abstracts
  • etc

How to Sell Reproductions of Your Artwork

  1. Keep the original artwork, upload only the digital image. Uploaded images can be photos or scans of paintings, illustrations, graphic designs, textile designs, etc. All submissions must be completely your own work.
  2. If your image is accepted, AfriMod will determine the best applications for that image and will format the image to suit the application. We will produce either posters, framed prints or canvas prints based on your artwork.
  3. When a print of your digital image is sold, you make a 60% of the list price minus production and sales costs. There's no upfront cost to you.
  4. Commissions are transferred to your account as per the AfriMod Payout Schedule.
  5. You continue to earn commissions on each sale of the print. You may also wish to participate in our program to sell limited edition large format canvas prints or framed prints of your top-tier works, please contact us.

What Kind of Images Should I Submit?

**Submit only images that you are the owner of all intellectual property rights.

  • Best format: .png or .pdf files with transparent backgrounds. You may also submit .jpg and .gif files. Please submit good quality images of your work.
  • MINIMUM image size should be at least 8 inches by 10 inches at 150 dpi (1200 px by 1500 px). Larger image sizes are better. Images of 3600px by 5400px are best for high quality digital printing. You'll be required to provide the following information: title, medium/materials, completion date of work, size of original work and a description. Also indicate if it's oil/acrylic painting, watercolor, illustration, mixed media, digital composition, photographic work, etc.

What About My Original Artwork?

Retain your original artwork or design. If you choose to sell the physical original, indicate that the original is for sale, quote your price and provide as much information as possible. In this case the commission is 70%-90% on the total sales (minus PayPal transaction fees and bank transfer fees).

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Need More Info?

For more detailed information see Seller FAQ or contact AfriMod Support