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The Creative Community on AfriMod is a platform dedicated to unique ideas and innovative approaches to African-inspired design….

Members are visual artists, textile artists, fashion designers, sculpture artists, graphic designers, craft makers and art lovers. Creatives post photos of their products, projects and home and lifestyle design ideas. Please see our Community Guidelines

  • Reach a wider global audience…
  • Earn income on each sale of your products and products incorporating your artwork
  • Connect with fellow artists worldwide and get inspired… 
  • Sell to global customers from the comfort of your own home…
  • And enjoy the thrill of having your works in people’s homes worldwide

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Projects, tips & ideas, inspirations

Call for Submissions: Sept 10, 2021

African-inspired Christmas

All artists are invited to submit original artworks that are inspired by the spirit of Christmas. »

Call for Submissions: Sept 09, 2021

Kwanzaa-inspired art

AfriMod invites all artists and designers to submit works of art celebrating Kwanzaa… in any media and style of their choice »

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