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It's simple! Do you have an eye for the aesthetics? Are you are able to locate and organize craft-makers in your area? If yes, you can have your own thriving online business selling handmade traditional and contemporary crafts to buyers globally. Join AfriMod and build your own network of craft-makers and reach global shoppers.

AfriMod is a technology-enabled maker-to-consumer platform for small businesses, craft-makers, artists, artisans and designers to deliver authentic handmade goods directly to consumers worldwide. AfriMod provides the technology infrastructure, marketing services and logistics that help members establish online presence and conduct commerce worldwide.

Across Africa, makers are painstakingly crafting exceptional handmade pieces that adapt seamlessly to modern global interiors and fashion forward aesthetics.

AfriMod Associate program is ideal for individuals, entrepreneurs and others who are able to organize locally while trading internationally.

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How does the AfriMod Associate Program work?

As an Associate, you are the link between the craft-makers in your network and AfriMod. You identify the craft-makers and you work with AfriMod to list their products for sale. Associates may open as many shops as required in their networks.

It is free to open online shops. There are no membership or listing fees. No credit card or PayPal account is required.


Commission rate is determined by the amount of services required by the account holder. Commissions charged by AfriMod range from a base 10% to 30% on completed sales plus PayPal transaction fees and funds transfer fees.


  • You locate the makers;
  • Identify the appropriate handmade products;
  • Ensure that these products are ideal for international sales;
  • You work with AfriMod to sign-up and open the required online shops;
  • Compile information on the maker and selected products;
  • Provide and upload product photos & info onto appropriate shop pages;
  • Work closely with the merchandising team at AfriMod;
  • Ensure that sold items are shipped out (Post Office, DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc) on time to buyers.

Types of Products

The range of products is quite wide. Here are a few categories:
  • Interior décor products
  • Textiles
  • Maker Materials
  • Art Works

It's easy to get started.

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